BLACK BOX is a modern eco house.
That’s why we use ecological technologies and the
concept of integration with nature. Accents are on
floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of sliding doors in
this amazing contemporary house.
And it also includes “clerestory” windows that are set
high in the walls of a house to let light in while
preserving privacy.

We think that modern architects love lines.
That’s why in O&S you will find strong linear elements
and bold horizontal and vertical features. This is
space for rest and reflection.

We were inspired by old Austrian architecture.
As many old homes blended established materials
such as wood and brick with then-newer materials
such as man-made floorings, we used old Austrian
bricks and natural wood.

The project was developed in compliance with the
given task – reconstruction of the office building
facade. It should also be mentioned that the work
was done within only twelve hours.

Renovation of an old house is the common tendency
in the villages near the city.
A big friendly family will live here and they want a
comfortable and convenient house

Twins is a double family house located in Lviv.
There is a sunny house with natural light, which gives
their inhabitans freedom and more space.
This house is for relaxation and amusement.

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