“Aliam vitam, alio mores – another life, other values”

“Modus vivendi – the way of life”

The project area is naturally surrounded by greenery – it is forest, bushes, reeds, water. The territory of the settlement is located next to the bird reserve.  We understood all the responsibility to the place and future residents. It was important for us to save this environment (flora and fauna) and integrate future architecture with infrastructure into the existing environment without harm.

So, we called the future settlement “BIRD NEST” because of these aspects. Each house has several types of facades design. The name of the houses is not accidental. Buildings have the names of birds that live in this area – KRYZHEN’, LUN’ and POVZYK.

The territory of the settlement is over 32 hectares, there are 173 houses. In the process, we realized that we have many advantages that nature has designed for us by itself.

The lake, which stretches from north to south, has become an important factor in developing a masterplan of the territory. We decided to expand the lake to get a promenade with bike paths and an open beach for residents. Also, we enlarged the existing canals and connected them to the lake to get the opportunity for the movement of boats. Bridges have also been designed for comfortable car connections.

Our settlement “BIRD NEST” is not a temporary project. It’s not just about the materials, but also about the concept. Our goal was to create a family nest where people could always and would like to return. The tree in the center of each house is a symbol of this idea.