The house “Povzyk” is a part of the settlement “BIRD NEST”, which is located in Kyiv. The territory of the settlement is naturally surrounded by greenery and is located next to the bird sanctuary. The area of ​​the settlement is over 32 hectares, where 173 estates are designed. The name of the estate is not accidental, each house has the name of a bird that lives in this area.

As we understood all the responsibilities to the place and the future residents, it was important for us to preserve this environment.

The house “Povzyk” is a one-story family house. There are 2 types of estate planning – 200 m2 and 156 m2. This is a minimalist house, the main focus of which is a landscaped roof. The gazebo is part of the project, which seems to continue the silhouette of the building.

Feature of the house – a possibility of furnish in three types. That is, the future resident independently chooses the appearance of the estate – completely white facades, reed/straw decoration of all facades, or only the front facade. Also in the decoration of facades are used glass blocks, plaster of facades, panoramic windows on all height of the room.

Povzyk is a mobile bird that resembles a sparrow in size and runs briskly on tree trunks. The birds lead a sedentary lifestyle and choose deciduous and mixed forests with a large number of old trees, in the hollows of which they build nests. In Ukraine, it is found in Polissya and in the Forest-Steppe.