BLACK BOX demonstrates connection between
architecture and design. Proximity to the nature and
harmonizing of everyday routine are the main goals of
this interior. We consider and demonstrate that this
interior is an organic element of a larger ecosystem,
outworld, our nature.

Modern apartment has to be convenient, ergonomic and dynamic.
And we always find new technologies that make life
more comfortable and give more space for that.
That’s why we use «smart glass» in this apartment.
In addition to that plywood and concrete become
the main elements in this interior.

Located in our building TWINS, this interior is an
integral part of it. With an open space in the living
room it feels larger and leads out to a beutiful back
garden. Natural light, using eco technologies is the
main goal of this interior.

This apartment is located in the Avalon Garden.
It is an innovative and unique residential complex in Lviv.
A delicate and intelligent interior AVALON
includes concrete structure and light artworks.

In general this interior growned from the contemporary architecture.
Our customers want modern and stylish interior with only few materials
and colors. So, this facilities form a solid shape.
This geometry has the advantage of making it possible
to organise interesting and unique space.

BBQ is family cozy place with good atmosphere.
People can enjoy their weekend and their
family in this place.
That’s why we create our Tasty BBQ.

The interior of this apartment
characterized by concise and tenderness.
We designed it for rent in order to feel
the real atmosphere of our charming city!

CORRIDA has a unique character,
its own style and unique emphasis.
We experimented with materials, textures and shapes,
and found the individuality
of each of our interior project.

SOFT ROCK is a contemporary loft created in a family
residence. We use a lot of remarkable architectural
and design features such as white and red bricks, the
ceilings, leather, wood and the diversity of these
materials, used for this interior design, combine in a
beautifully balanced mix.

We created this white, soft interior with amazing
lighting for a stylish and successful young woman. In
spite of Lviv’s weather we use lighting with a cloud. In
this apartment, the monochromatic bedroom is
relaxed in character, but at the same time perfectly
clean in design.

We have chosen summer mood and BLUEBERRY
colour to clarify this bright interior. And there is no
secret that you eat with your eyes and we use this
fruity colour to catch attention of the inhabitants
of the house and their visitors to this interior and
its details.

Our interior «DESERT MOOD» is fairly minimalist with a
neutral color palette, grey and ocher tints,
hidden linear lighting, and
simple rectangular shapes throughout.
We used in this interior the light oak elements
and the soft textures.

Our task was to create a comfortable, unique and
modern accommodation for the family. reproduce the
authentic spirit of the city. As a result,
we developed
the concept of using Austrian bricks, which
supplemented oak texture that is associated with
comfort and the feeling of home.

In this interior we mixed authentic materials with
modern ones. Geometric patterns on the panels
helped to emphasize the texture and rhythm of bricks
on the walls. Due to the saturated colours of brick we
used restrained colours in furniture and other
constituent elements.

Every designer has to think not only about design and
beauty of the interior, but about people who will live
there. Because of the cooperation with a lovely family
that have thought thoroughly and deeply about
what result must be we can create this interior.

SHADES OF GRAY was created for a young, ambitious
bachelor and businessman.
It has become a place where he can relax and enjoy
himself, where he can work, read, write or share beer
with his friends. First of all we have thought about the
quality and comfort of all parts of this interior.

For a small young family we have created a white
minimal interior with little furniture. In this Lviv’s
apartment black decor lines of the shelves of a
bedroom and a living room make a contrasting color
scheme. And we think that a huge sketch of a dog
has to be in every interior.

Simple forms, limited and calm colour scheme
make this interior restrained and contemporary.
Inhabitans want to live in the comfortable interior.
Every piece of furniture, even the pendant, light or
circle-chairs, speaks for itself.

SENSUAL is a minimal interior located in Lviv, in Avalon
Garden complex. Overall, soft colors were paired with
rich neutrals that result in an interior with high style.
We think that this interior has to be intimate, sensual,
soft and relaxing. And the painting created this
inspired and intimate interior.

The White Stripes is located in a modern apartment in
Lviv. But their owners like unexpected combination.
We use here elements of classic and modern
stripes, black deep colour,
natural wood textures and bricks.
The stylish modern lighting becomes the accent.

Classic interior «RED AND BLACK» includes unique,
modern and bright furniture.
Extraordinary, rare, colourful chairs and a sofa make
this stylish classic interior atmospheric and unusual.

In «BAKER STREET» we created the concept which
included using only natural materials and elements of
artistic wood carvings. Textures of natural
became an integral part of our interior.
Baker Street is a noble and elegant interior.

We developed and implemented classic interior with
authentic spirit of Lviv in spite of the fact that modern
technology and conceptual interior design
popular nowadays. We used the muted colours,
natural textures and artistic wood carvings in order to
create and embody the unique and well decorated
interior. This apartment was in the heart of Lviv.

Accent in BLACK SUITE is artist’s painting and
sculptures, that make this interior more atmospheric.
In addition to that we used natural marble. It was
uniting link between dark black walls and classical
light furniture. All parts were decorated in the same
style, and were harmonized with each other. This
interior was created for a really generous and
honorable gentelman.

Located in Lviv, this house was designed for an
interesting art family. They were looking for something
that was stylish, classic, but elegant at the same time.

GREEN VALLEY located in picturesque place near Lviv.
This family want really comfortable and calm place
for their active and hard working lifestyle.

This interior is sweet and elegant, classic with stylish
modern lighting, with such
beautiful furniture and unique gypsum plaster.
That’s why MARSHMALLOW is is the most
intelligent our interior.

We designed this contempopary country interior for
an amazing family. That’s why we used bright colour
pallette with accents of red. Natural fabrics with
stripes, linen and wood formed it perfectly.

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