Spivoche Pole

Spivoche Pole

The «Spivoche Pole» is a project of modernization in the park Shevchenkivskyi Gai. Park was created in 1971 as the largest open-air museum of its kind in all of Europe.

Modernization makes it possible to expand the possibilities of the territory and will contribute to the popularization of the territory and the museum.

Any ornament is a stable element of ethnonational culture that retains its characteristics for a long time. In our concept, we use one of the traditional elements of the Hutsul region — «ramtsi».

The «Spivoche Pole» is a unique space that is very important not only for the museum but also for the whole city. Our vision of this space does not destroy the existing environment, but only complements it. Over time, the architecture will change depending on how the tree will change and how the ivy will grow.

We used Tubądzin tiles for the floor in the scene building and in the cafe.