About us

Oksana Shumelda is an artist, a designer, the studio projects’ supervisor and a member of the union of designers. In 2001 she graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art (discipline – interior design).


Maryan Shumelda – a director of the studio.


He graduated from Ukrainian National Forestry University.


Multiple winners of different comprtitions.


In 2004 Oksana and Maryan Shumeldas found O. M. Shumeldas Studio.



Our Design Studio was found on the basis of inspiration of two relative and close people, desire of making this world more beautiful, creative and inspired. We want our interiors to give it all to others. Now the studio includes the work of architects, designers and artists, who complement each other with their knowledge, experience and talent. This cooperation gives the opportunity to arrive at interesting solutions and unique ideas.


It is impossible to work only in one particular direction or style in our modern dynamic time. The studio’s solutions in design and architecture can include the spirit of the Middle Ages, minimalism and a courageous combination of seemingly incompatible styles. Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon said, ‘Style is a human’. That is why, in order to realize a dream of a client, we learn his tastes, interests, philosophy and character. ‘When you are sitting in a cosy restaurant, which was created from your own dream, and see how positively it influences your visitors, then you feel that you you are moving in the right direction’, Oksana Shumelds said.


Design is a kind of worldview. During the whole history of cultural development people wanted to make their life more beautiful and decorate all necessary things – their accommodation, clothes, plates and dishes. Design cannot be formed without solid knowledge, maximum of information, constant exchange of thoughts and creative searching of something new. Today modern advanced technologies give unlimited opportunities to look for know-how. Choosing one or another material for processing, we tend to create one unified interior composition, joining materials with the purpose of premises. Specificity of interiors of residential accommodations allows us to apply many different unique compositional solutions, use artistic furnitures and works of monumental decorative and applies art. And these features are crucial in our work. We amusedly visit exhibitions and take part in them.


Our projects of buildings are based on their internal structure of interior, that leads to asymmetry or symmetry of exterior content. Very often our architects apply stylization, underlining common features of a borrowed style, transforming its peculiarities according to their artistic tastes, exxagerating the features which are close to them. With the usage of new materials our architects try to overcome unemotional rationalism of building techniques, also applying creative ideas of our designers which, however, are of minor importance.


Today such terms as an artist and a society, beauty and benefit, creativeness and necessity, are greedily entering our life. It is important that all the things surrounding us should bring beauty and be necessary for us like a necessary condition of life in civilized society. We work on the problem of environment, its complex solution in combination with architecture. Residential accommodation and public spaces’ interior are not only material terms, these are spaces filled with human relations. It is a single spiritual and material world. Architectural solutions of interiors mean complex combination of architectural forms, constructions, space, scale, proportions, rhythm, colour and light, directed at discovering ideas and fulfilling purposes of premises to full extent.


Successfully finished project is a strong stimulus to search for something new. Once Lina Kostenko wrote, ‘Each finish, actually, is a start’ ; a start for new projects, meeting interesting people, for whom we constantly try to create something beautiful and unusual.

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